Professional Tree Removal in Halifax (and suburban areas)

Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous, especially when there is limited access when a tree has extreme decay or grows near utility lines.

This can pose extra challenges and risks which need to be addressed. That’s why hiring a professional tree service company is much safer, especially in case of difficult tree removal.

We have qualified ISA certified arborists who are experienced and trained in modern tree climbing and felling techniques to complete tree removal safely and efficiently.

residential tree removal in Halifax
chainsaw lying on the ground after tree removal in Halifax

When is Tree Removal Necessary?

  • If a tree is diseased, uprooted, damaged by a storm, cracked or leaning heavily
  • If you have a tree that’s dead or dying
  • If a tree is causing an obstruction that can’t be corrected through pruning
  • If a tree is interfering with the growth of other trees, it’s better to lose one than all trees.
  • If a tree grows too close to your property and causes structural damage, such as cracks in the foundation.

Safety is Our First Priority

How Does it Work?

Once you submit a request, we will contact you to schedule an on-site assessment.

Before any tree removal, a member of our team will come to your place for an on-site inspection. When we visit the site, we evaluate any surrounding obstacles, terrain, tree conditions, lean of the tree and other factors.

After the assessment, we will email you a quote. If you decide to proceed with tree work and accept the quote, we will confirm a date and time to perform the tree service. You have the option to keep the firewood, or we can haul all the wood and debris off your property.

Keeping the firewood and doing your own cleanup is the most cost-friendly option.

Emergency Tree Removal in Halifax (and suburban areas)

Do you need a quick, professional tree service to tackle your tree emergency? Submit an urgent request, and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Nova Scotia weather can be unpredictable. Not to mention the hurricanes that can result in tree failure.

At Arborist Halifax, we provide an efficient and thorough assessment of your tree emergency situation followed by quick action.

Our first priority is to take care of any immediate hazards to you or your property. Next, our arborists will discuss with you and implement the best course of action.

It is always best to mitigate any hazards to reduce the risk of tree fall. (better safe than sorry)

Whether it’s corrective tree pruning to distribute the weight more evenly or, in more severe cases, tree removal to prevent any potential future damage.

We have successfully handled multiple tree emergencies caused by Hurricane Fiona and are ready to provide prompt assistance if required.

emergency tree removal halifax
Failed branch after a hurricane.