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Hedge Trimming in Halifax & HRM

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Why Hedge Trimming

Here in Nova Scotia, hedges grow beautifully and offer plenty of privacy. Whether you’re planning a new design for your yard or want to refresh your current look, hedges make a stunning addition that will elevate your home’s aesthetic and property value.

However, it can be challenging to maintain and care for them. Left alone, most hedges start to widen at the top to get more sunlight. As a result, the lower branches get less sunlight and have less foliage.

If hedges get neglected, it can lead to multiple issues. Here are a few examples:

  • Hedges can develop a disease that can lead to discoloration.
  • Hedge diseases can spread if infected parts aren’t removed.
  • The inside of the hedge can die off if it’s too thick and not enough light reaches the core.
  • Hedges can lose shape and become uneven.

If hedges are very overgrown, it might take multiple trimmings to get them back in shape.

Ideally, you want to maintain the aesthetic and health of your hedges by routine trimming. It’s recommended to trim your hedges about twice a year. This way, you can protect your investment on a new hedge or maintain the old one in the best possible shape.

Whether you do it yourself or have us do the heavy lifting to save you time and energy.

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